Monday, May 28, 2007

Simple Steps to Boost your Energy

Hi Folks,

After our baby was born, I hardly got enough sleep in most of the nights since we don't have any maid. Often, I felt that I was somehow weaker than before.

Yesterday, I was having a short exercise of 20 minutes before taking bath. When we were having dinner, I saw that my brother-in-law was having the young leaves of the Papaya tree behind our house. He said, his father taught him to eat this so he can be free from diseases and have good stamina. So I followed him in having the Papaya leaves with the meal.

Before I slept, I drank 500 ml of water. Unfortunately, because of the baby, we were able to sleep only after 1:30 am. This morning, I woke up at 6:30 am and I got up from the bed immediately. After a few minutes, I drank a bottle of water too.

Today, I felt that I was not sleepy or feel weak at the school. It was a very nice experience. I assume that the following four things have affected my body in a good way.

1. A short Exercise of 20 minutes.

2. Eating Young Papaya Leaves as medicines.

3. Drinking Water.

4. Get up immediately from the bed as soon as you wake up. (You will feel fresh for the whole day)

Have a nice and wonderful day!

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sunder said...

Hi Htoosay...I am new to PPP and also to the forum. So pleased to read your blog...yours is the first blog I am reading in this forum. I cannot say anything about eating papaya leaves but I think wheatgrass will be a better choice. I understand wheatgrass cleanses the body cells of toxins and what not. Of course exercise is always better soon as you wake up. It would be that much better to have a glass of water before doing anything else. Ha! Ha! Have you heard of Urine therapy? I live in India and our former prime minister Morarji Desai was a big promoter of this wonderful self healing and he practised it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Check with Google by doing a search on urine therapy.You may come up with some great revelations.
Again, you could do well if you will copyedit your writing before submitting your blog. I have not jumped from the sky; I too make glaring mistakes in grammar and sentence construction. It is always better to get rid of as many prepositional phrases as you can. A little proofreading will also make it look more polished. Some people do get irritated when you spell "stamina" as "stemina". Mind you, we all need to do proofreading. I once spelled my own name wrong.My best wishes to you and your family (not forgetting your child who does not allow you to sleep early).

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HtooSay said...

Hello Sunder,

Welcome to my blog. Thanks a lot for your suggestions and constructive remarks. When I copied the post and pasted it in MS Word, I found 3 mistakes in total. I corrected them already. Next time, I will edit my posts on MS Words before posting them on m blog. I was just a bit lazy on that day. Hey, I want to keep you in my blog friends list. Please give me your blog url again.
Thanks again.