Saturday, May 5, 2007

A New Interesting Online Encyclopedia

Hi folks,

I just found an interesting online Encyclopedia. It has thousands of articles which cover about 30 categories.

One particular category which is related to Relationships caught my attention very much where I just learned about Anne Heche who is the popular American actress who came out with her lesbian orientation very openly. [Quite interesting! ]

The other category which interest me is Health . I learned about the benefits of some certain medicines such as Feosol, Bodyonics, and Rad Block KI.

Another category which I like is Computers & Internet. It mentioned about the Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade which is the combination of the advanced infrastructure of an operating system focused on business, the efficiency and the managing power of a mobile operating system and the digital entertainment of a consumer based operating system.

Many more interesting articles are also found in this category. This is a potential online Encyclopedia and I recommend that you visit this site and explore by yourself.

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