Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How to treat Shyness

During my teenage days (aged-12 to 18) , I was suffering from Shyness. It was not very serious but it effected my personalty and social relationships to some extent. My parents seemed not to notice about this condition so much at that time and so they didn't give me any proper treatment for this. Now as I became an adult, I realized how bad it was and I don't want that any teenager should suffer like me.

First of all, we much know what shyness is and where it comes from? We have to discover what has prevented a human being from developing normally. We have to find out precisely – in a person’s education, religious upbringing, and sex-life – what has caused the block.

A shy person must learn to analyze himself and discover himself and discover the causes of his shyness. If he knows what they are, he will have plenty of ammunition to fight with. He will no longer find himself before this elusive enemy who grips him by the throat.

He will know exactly what he is up against and be able to uproot it from his life. All men aspire to a state of perfect balance and are completely at ease with the world, because they realize that balance and ease are natural and normal.

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