Friday, May 18, 2007


Hi folks,

When I started my blog about five months ago, I had no idea what to write in my blog. But I was curious and excited to try to write something. At that time, I think I should tell that I was blessed and lucky enough to earn about $1,200 from Metacafe for a 78 sec clip that I uploaded on their site. So, since I was having a reason to write something on my blog, I started my first post about How I've earned $1,200 on Internet in one month.

Since then, I started blogging little by little in my blog whenever I have an idea. And last month, since my blog was over 90 days old, I submitted my blog to Payperpost for the approval so I can earn some money for posting reviews. It was not successful since my blog was not having enough posts at that time. But later on when I modified my blog a bit and posted several items in my blog, and submitted my blog, and finally it was accepted.

Since then, I started taking opportunities but it was hard to get opportunity because my blog's Page rank was "0", Alexa Page Rank was almost 3 million and Technorati Rank was over a million. Guess what? I just got only 2 opportunities in 2 weeks time. Then, after a few days of changing and posting some posts in my blog, my page rank was changed from "0" to "3", my Alexa Page Rank was decreased to less than a million, my Technorati Rank was decreased to less than 100,000. I was able to get more opportunities from that time. Things became easier when your Page Rank increased!

Four months ago, I was talking to some of my friends that you can earn some extra money from blogging. They were interested a little but didn't take any action so far since I myself was not earning anything from blogging at that time. But I hope this time, since I am already earning some money from blogging, they might believe me or might start blogging in near future...

You see, it's hard to change or convenience people but when you show them the proof it is easier to convenience them... But one thing is true that I've shared what I knew and experienced. Now it is all up to them whether they want to take some actual steps to make some extra money or not...

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