Saturday, May 5, 2007

Obtain funding from Venpar for your business

Hi folks,

If you are searching for a reliable company to obtain funding for your business, you've landed at the right place.

Today Venture Alliance Partners A/S (Venpar) is one of the leading providers of private equity, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors build world-class companies.

Venture Alliance Partners (Venpar) was founded in 2006 and have already managed to show excellent results for their clients, which is not surprisingly the core reason behind our list of partners and strong portfolio. Their continued focus on the venture capital marketplace, strong and trustworthy determination for being an external financial strategist, headhunter, investment banker and corporate therapist for a wide range of different companies in continuous growth, remains key to their success.

You are just one click away from the simplicity behind their success. Visit their user-friendly website at - They are looking forward to make the most out of your interests.


Rangan Badri said...

I am also blogging for
I need your help from you.

They have given a java script code to be placed. They it is a 'must' code for acceptance.

May I know where do you place this code-inside the content or in the template?

Do I have to provide more than one link?

Do I have to mention it as a sponsored post?

Thanks mate.

star500k said...

Hi there,

It's depend on the oppotunity requirement. If it's required to mention as sponsored post, they you have to mention. If not no need.

To put the code, you just click the html view in your post and paste it there. Actually, I can't remember whether I've added any Javascript code or not.