Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Innocent mistakes that can decrease your Page Rank

You might be innocent in changing your tags, category or post, in your blog, but you don't realize that you are being penalized by Google in doing these as suggested by Brian.

I was shocked to read just today that Brian's website went from a page rank of 6 to a rank of 0 resulting by making some innocent mistakes. But I guess, he got back his Pagerank already since he corrected the mistakes! I am now abit worry, as myself had changed my tags, category and deleted some of my post recently. Now, I have to fix this before Google updates it's Pagerank in another two and half month. Google used to update the PageRanks about every three months and so I suppose that two and half months is the remaining time for the next PageRank updates.

He suggested that the following are to be avoided:

1. Never Change Your Permalinks
2. Never Change or Delete Categories
3. Never Delete Posts.

He also suggested several things we should do, if we already have done some mistakes unknowingly.

1. Find Your Broken Links
2. Fix Your Links
3. 301 Redirects

Please read Brian's post for full details.

Have a wonderful day...

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