Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Catherina Say - 2nd Month Updates

Hi folks,

Right now, our Baby, Catherina Say is running in her second month already. By the grace of God, she is strong and healthy. She cry whenever she is hungry, sleepy or her dryper is full with natural stuffs... So far, all she does on daily basis are eating (drinking mother's milk), sleeping and peeping or shitting...! That's all... (I think when I was young, I might be like this too!!!)

But what makes us happy is that sometimes she tried to talk to us, especially when we talk to her... She makes some kind of voice which only the angels will understand. She's so cute when she does that. Actually, she looks very cute even when she cry too...

We really thank and praise God for giving us a wonderful baby girl!


Anonymous said...

hi Htoo Say,

glad to see the photos...glad that you are happy with wife and your daughter. keep smiling...! God bless.


cao said...


Anonymous said...

you got a beautiful daughter..
May God bless you..