Monday, May 7, 2007

Free Cell Phone for Mother's Day from Wirefly

Hi folks,

Mother’s day had just passed and I believe many of you were able to give something special to our moms. But many of us might not be able to give a free RAZR cell phone given by yet. is still running a big promotion of free RAZR cell phone and many more cell phones for free. I would like to suggest that you should get one for your mom or your wife as a special gift.

Free RAZR cell phone is given away by signing up a new Cingular Wireless account with FREE 2-Day Delivery via FedEx and also a FREE Motorola H3 Bluetooth Headset included ($70 Value!) . What a great deal!

You can also get many MORE GREAT DEALS ON NEW CELL PHONES FROM MANY PROVIDERS listed on their website! Some popular names like T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Sony, Samsung, Cingular and more are available through their website...

When you take these free phones, you can exchange cash for your old phones at the same time. What a great deal!

They have different types of family plans where you can share your minutes or save your money!

Do you know that you can even get two free cell phones with a family plan!

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