Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Alexa Page Rank 776,187 to 451,009 in 20 Days!

Hi folks,

On May 10, 2007 my Alexa Rank was 776,187 and yesteday, May 30, 2007 my Alexa Page Rank was decreased to 451,009. My site has passed through 325,178 websites in 20 days!

This may not be so much for some but for me it means alot because I was expecting to get my page rank below 100,000 by the end of this year. So instead of competing with over a million sites which are ahead of me, I have to compete with only 351,008 sites from now on!

The followings are what I did to get these results:

1. Alexa Page Rank - 451,009

a) I stalled the Alexa toolbar and set my blog as my home page.

b) I Put up an Alexa rank widget on my blog.

c) I posted 6 posts about Alexa Page Rank in my blog.

d) I use Alexa redirects on my blog URL.Try this: .Replace with the URL for your website. I left this redirected URL in blog comments as well as forum signatures. This redirect will count a unique IP address once a day so clicking it multiple times won’t help.

e) I adviced my friends to install Alexa toolbar on their PCs.

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