Sunday, May 6, 2007

Earn $250+10% from 50 friends with Fummo

Hi folks,

I just joined a newly prelaunched company which offer $5 to me by getting anyone who join under my referral link. If I refer to 50 people and they joined, I will receive $250 + 10% of whatever they earn. The concept is similar to Agloco but I guess we can earn more with this company.

They will send the payment to you twice a month through Paypal, Egold, Moneybooker or Wiretransfer.

It is called FUMMO which is an advertising company where their members can earn free money doing simple and free offers, Searching using their search engine, viewing advertisments, and inviting friends to join under your referral link!

Their goal is to offer for everyone a chance to earn real money without spending much time. They are making money from each of their member from the advertising companies so they can also pay to each of their member, because there is a lot of companies who want to be noticed and advertised, so they are here to help them and also to you!

This is quite simple, they get paid by companies and they pay you.Their main goal is to reach at least 400,000 Registered members before 20May and another 1,000,000 by the end of this year. The team is composed of 4 people who are improving their system and advertising to all over the world!

There is no limit how much referrals you can have! Example if you will invite 300friends to join under you , you will receive $1,500+10% from their earnings!

You won't regret if you join Fummo now because you will be able to earn free money starting from the time you register at their site for as long as you wish! So don't stay away and join FUMMO and invite your friends also to join under you and get $5 from each your friend and 10% of their earnings! I bet, It's worth it!


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