Thursday, May 31, 2007

Super Low Rate Credit Cards from MINT

Hi folks,

If you are looking to
apply for a credit card which has super low rate compare to other providers, you've just landed on the right spot of my blog. I was checking out their website at and found that their offers are really much much better than others. The followings are the features and benefits from them. You should check out the last offer which is "MINT+ offers on wine, prize draws, travel and leisure services" which you might not get from other sites.

0% on purchases until 1 January 2008

0% on balance transfers until 1 August 2008 (2.5% balance transfer fee)

0% bonus offer until 1 April 2009 on balances transferred during October 2008 (2.5% fee)

Typical 14.9% APR (variable)

Up to £7,500 credit limit

Free online account management where you can download statements and receive email and text alerts

Online fraud protection

No annual fee

Unique mc2 card design

Free additional card for a friend or partner

Chip and PIN security

Worldwide acceptance at over 24 million locations, wherever you see the MasterCard sign

24 hour MINT customer service

MINT+ offers on wine, prize draws, travel and leisure services

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Click on this line or the above
Image and find out these great offers yourself!

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CreditGal said...

This looks like a fairy tale, really :) I have been looking for 0% on balance transfers and 0% on purchases for quite a long time. I hope I can get a credit card that contains both features together, can't I?