Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Earn $ 1,200 in a Month

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How Strong Is A Condom? By <100everyday.com> - The funniest movie is here. Find it

I just want the share the good news with you all.

The 78 seconds short movie clip named How Strong is A Condom? which was uploaded on Metacafe.com on the second week of December, 2006 has crossed the earning of US$ 1,000.00 on January 2nd, 2006. The following is the full story of this movie.

The reason I put up the video, “How Strong is A Condom?” is to make aware of the use of condoms among men around the world. The purpose is to protect them from infectious sex related diseases focused on AIDS (HIV) by using the strong condoms.

I knew Metacafe.com for about a year ago through a video email link sent by a friend from India. I enjoyed watching many funny video clips in Metacafe several times a week. But it was just a month ago that I noticed that they have the Producer Rewards Program. I never thought that I would earn any money for a small clip on internet.

One evening, after I came back from my regular school work, I told my wife that I’ve got an idea of making a short video clip on a condom to upload it on Metacafe.com and I asked her to help me with video taking.

She agreed and so I took a condom, filled it with water while she was taking the video. While she was taking the video, the water surpassed the bearing limit of the condom. The condom got bursted, wet the legs and skirt of my wife and filled the bathroom with the water. She got a little angry with me because she thought I was trying to do something which was non-sense. She then returned the camcorder on the table and went to bed and watched the TV while I was thinking of to give one more try to it. I then took my tripod and repeated the same process again. It was successful at this time. I edited the movie with the related texts and uploaded it on to Metacafe in the same evening.

On the third day when I woke up, Bang!!! To my surprise, I received about 17,000 views to this movie which it is written as it was released only just four hours ago. I woke up my wife and told her about what was happening to the movie, and she was totally surprised and changed. She said it is the blessing of God for our expecting baby. I agree with her and said “Yes, that’s true. God is really blessing us, because I didn’t expect this much of views within a short period of time for my movie!”. I left for my daily work at the school and during the lunch break, I went to our computer lab and check for the status and it has crossed about 27,000 views already. I then wondered why they (Metacafe) didn’t show up with the amount that I should earn as my movie has crossed the 20,000 views? I thought they might not accept my movie to their Producer Rewards Program. I was a little bit down hearted and came back home in the evening because I thought, though I got such a huge amount of view in a single day, it hasn’t paid me anything so far.

And, again to my surprised, when I opened my computer in the evening, I saw that Yellow Box of Producer Rewards Program on the right top and bottom of my movie and it is earning about US$ 210.00 already. Wow..! That was a big surprise and happiness to me and my wife as we’ve never earned this much of money in less than a day. Internet has Power! And God is blessing us. After one hour, I refreshed the internet browser and the earning increased about $ 21.00. Wow..! That’s fantastic! We were really blessed. Before I went to bed on that day, I was earning $265.00 already. After the second day, it has crossed $ 500. After the third day, it has crossed $600.00. It was really a hit for the first three days for this movie. At the moment of writing this, this movie is making about $ 14 daily without me lifting my hand. All I have to do is to check my earning once in the morning and once in the evening. Yes, I will surely make more movies to entertain people around the world and earn more.

I now recommend everyone I know to see my movie on Metacafe and try some sort of ideas like me.

Thanks Metacafe!

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