Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lucid Dreaming Achieved!

Hi Folks,

Today, after coming back from school, I was a bit tired and so I lied down and slept. My wife and our baby girl also were sleeping beside me. When I was sleeping, I had several dreams. And during that time, I heard some noises beside me which woke me up, but I was not fully conscious since I was very sleepy. When I continued to sleep, I realized that my dream was still going on and at the same time, I have the conscious that this is just a dream. So, I tried to implement what I wanted to do in my dream and to my surprise, I can direct my dream. I mean, I can act what I wanted to act in my dream. It was not so long but it was a nice experience...!

I think I've achieved this for a short period of time because in the weeks before, I was having several times of trying to awake before sleep.

Our baby girl had kept us awake for many nights but I think it is also a blessing for us somehow that make me to achieve the Lucid Dream easily.

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