Friday, June 8, 2007

Expecting For a Fruitful Holidays

Dear Folks,

Here comes the holidays again and I hope that I now will have a full week of resting. Today, I just finished the correction of the exam papers and hope I can take rest from this evening until June 17.

Living to make the ends meet by one income is not so easy. So I really need to get help from some side incomes. I've earned about $200 from blogging and I hope this amount will grow during the holidays. And I hope to find another source of income during the holidays too.

During my holidays, I will rebudget our monthly expenses and will try to minimize where it is possible. After that, I will find another way of income for our family.

Our baby is growing day by day and she has brought much happiness for us. We thank to God for keeping her in good health.

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