Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Garlic Fights Cancer

Hi Folks,

My friend, Mr. Cel, used to have raw garlic and some vegetables with his lunch. Though vegetables have no smell after consuming them, garlic has left some kind of smell even after you brush your teeth. So though I know that it is good for health, it was very hard for me to follow his example. But today, after reading the following report, I thought of myself that I should start having some garlic myself too.

Eating garlic seems to protect against stomach and colorectal cancer, researchers report. Dr. Lenore Arab and colleagues from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill analyzed 18 studies looking at garlic eaters. The average intake of the highest consumers of raw or cooked garlic was 18.3 grams per week (about six cloves). Based on six studies, the findings suggest "high consumption of raw or cooked garlic decreases the risk of colorectal cancer from 10% to nearly 50%," the authors write. Based on four studies, the risk of developing stomach cancer was cut in half for those who consumed the most garlic. [ American Journal of Clinical Nutrition October, 2000;72:1047-1052.]

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