Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Embed Relevant Videos & Make Money With

Hi folks,

If you are a website publisher or blogger who wants to earn money by embedding quality news videos on your site, today must be your lucky day, because you've just landed on the right page of my blog which will make you money from your blog or website.

The News Room provides access to hundreds of thousands of fully licensed news stories that can be published, or 'mashed', on your site. Mashing content from major content providers such as Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and Agence France-Press (AFP)

Getting the right popular video content is a tough job since I was lucky with only just one movie with Metacafe though I was trying hard in the last several month. My How Strong is A Condom? video as earned $2,398 so far but I was not able to have any success with any more new videos until now. But with The News Room, you have no worries for the quality video contents and it is now possible to earn some good money just by embedding quality news videos on your site!
Here are some benefits that you will get from The News Room:
-Make money via advertising share, CPM start at $1
-Put relevant, timely news on your site.
-Earn prizes including electronics, vacations, and cars when you participate
-Very easy and free to embed
-The many video and content choices you had

Just click on the below button to view a nice video that I've chosen!

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