Friday, April 20, 2007

PayPerPost has acquired a company - Good News for PPP members!

Today, Payperpost announced that they have acquired a company and they will announce the name of the company and it's details by next week.

In my point of view there is a great chance that PayPerPost might have likely to acquire because this site is very helpful to the bloggers with their wonderful services Payperpost might be benefited by putting the online ads. If PayPerPost acquire this company, it can utalize the site's services in many ways to the adventage of PayPerPost.

Another guess is that PayPerPost might have acquired Technorati since Technorati is one of the the critera for ranking our blogs and it has many potentials of getting to the top. Though Technorati is ranking highter than PPP in Alexa Rank, PPP would aquire this company if they have enough budget as they can see the future and benefits of this company. After Alexa, Technorati ranking is another important criteria for us so that the advertising companies can get the most out of our blogs. The blog search engine of Technorati might be another reason for PPP to aquire this company.

Any company that PPP have aquired would be for the benefits of the company, advertisers and bloggers like us. By doing this, PayPerPost will reach to the top in this arena of the online ads. I wish Payperpost will grow and grow as it help us and the advertisers to grow.

Which company do you think, PayPerPost have acquired? Leave your comment and I will add it in my post.

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