Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Online Video Sites that Pay

Hi everyone,

There are many online video websites that pay the video makers. Among them, I am listing down my choices below. Personally I've earned $2,352.63 from Metacafe and I've been paid $2,346 by Metacafe.

1. http://www.metacafe.com ($2,352.63)
2. http://www.blip.tv (In Process)
3. http://www.lulu.tv (In Process)
4. http://www.break.com (Tried - But No Money yet)
5. http://www.revver.com ($0.75)
6. http://www.flixya.com (Tried - Earned 10 User Points)
7. http://www.vidmax.com
8. http://www.hungryflix.com
9. http://www.Eefoof.com
10.http://www.addictingclips.com(Tried - 655,637 views But No Money yet)

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Anonymous said...

Does Google video Pay?

star500k said...

Yes, but you have to be qualified for the Premium Program where you have to fill a form and submit to them. And you should have atleast 1,000 hours of contents to be qualified. However,I hope they may reduce this requirement in future. Good Luck.

justin albert said...

I read your post and it was amazing , KEEP IT, great job.

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