Saturday, April 21, 2007

How can I Increase my Google Page Rank?

How To Increase Google Page Rank? This is a big question mark for me as my page rank is "0" as of today (April 21, 2007). But I am sure that I will climb up to the level that I want to reach by folloing some good techniques. My aim is to reach the page rank of 3 with in 3 months.

These are the things that I am doing to increase my google page rank.

1. Go to and download the Google Toolbar so you can always know your page rank or any site's page rank.

2. Get as many links that you can from websites of your own niche or similar niche. If you can get links from the websites which has higher google page rank, it will have more weight and value to you.

3. Join some popular blog directories, get your site listed. Contact other members in your niche and try to exchange links as many as you can.

4. One way link has a high value. In order to get one way links, we can write articles, comments and post them with our links.

5. Try to approach high page ranking sites in your niche area and find out the ways to get links from them.

6. Grow your links gradually and consistently so you site would not be black listed by google.

7.Create an XML sitemap format that can be submitted to Google to help them crawl your website better. Get it from .


Tiffany said...

Hi there I loved this post as I too have been struggling to get my PR up there as well. So your post inspired me to do something very similar. I linked both to your site and the exact post within the post as well. thanks so much for the help. cross your fingers for me. here is the post

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