Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How to promote movies to earn more money?

Hi everyone,

The success at Metacafe.com depends on making the right video at the right time, having a good thumbnail and title and description, etc.

Here, I want to add some of my suggestions on how to direct the traffic to your movies by yourself. Metacafe already has a good number of viewers for our movies. But I think promoting your movies is necessary as additional views means additional money for your movies.

1. Submit your movie at digg.com. (Everyone knows, I guess. Just click on "Digg this video")

2. Another way is to write a good article, then create a blog and submit it to "digg.com" as news. If your news is listed on the first page of digg.com, you may get a lot of views to your movies. Stick some Google adsense Ads too.

3. If you have your own website, then showcase all of your top movies on your first page.

4. Showcase your movies on your profile page of myspace.com and hi5.com. Join some big or active network groups and post your news or run some bulletins.

5. Write articles and submit them to Articlecity, Ezine or wherever it is possible.

6. Submit your video to some other sites which pays for your movies is a good method too. Metacafe.com takes only the non-exclusive license from our movies and so we can still promote our movies wherever it is profitable for us, right? I submitted my movie on http://www.addictingclips.com/ and got around 300,000 views in 7 days. I didn't get any money from that website as yet but I'm sure that I've directed a portion of the traffic into my movie at Metacafe.com. My movie is running as No. 1 as of on Jan 10, 2007 in most views section and it was featured on their homepage for almost 6 days already. They said they will pay $ 500.00 for the each selected popular movie clips each month. I hope my video clip may be selected(95% hope).

Break.com is also good website to submit your video and direct the traffic to your video at metacafe.com. If your movie is selected, you will be paid $ 400.00 for each movie.

PS. Some suggestions that I mentioned here were given to me by a person named "Ruckster" from RichJerk's forum. Note: If you want to be a member in RichJerk's forum, you have to buy the ebook first. I bought RichJerk's Ebook and participated in the forum. It was really a kick start for me in my online experiences.

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james said...

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